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Product Releases

TerraExplorer v7.0 April 3rd 2017

This new native 64 bit release introduces performance improvements, comprehensive integration with the new SkylineGlobe Server to search, load and publish 3D content to the cloud, additional formats (such as GeoPackage, WFS 2.0 and Geospatial PDF), overlay of layers on PhotoMesh ground surface and a new cross-section analysis tool.

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PhotoMesh v7.1 January 26th 2017

This new release introduces significant quality and performance improvements, a more robust ground control point mechanism, additional output formats (such as i3s, Cesium 3D tiles, high quality point cloud model and DTM) and more flexible AT options for collections without positioning, collections without orientation and existing aerotriangulation inputs.

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Upgrade Your PhotoMesh to v7.1
TerraGate v6.6.1 November 05th 2015

The new release of TerraGate supports the new 3D Mesh Layer (3DML) service, for streaming of optimized 3D mesh layer databases to remote TerraExplorer clients.

The new release of SFS features support for SQlite files, increased interoperability, and enhanced stability and performance.

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Upgrade Your TerraGate\SFS to v6.6.1
TerrainBuilder v6.6.1 November 05th 2015

TerrainBuilder 6.6.1 features updated external libraries and a sleek new GUI that matches the look of the other products in the SkylineGlobe software suite.

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CityBuilder v6.6.1 November 05th 2015

In addition to a beautiful facelift with a new modern GUI, the new release of CityBuilder features BIM layer integration, terrain objects and raster/3DML layer import, and support for mesh model files created in Skyline’s all-new TerraBuilder PhotoMesh application.

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