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Product Releases

PhotoMesh v7.3.1 January 3th 2018

This release includes a variety of performance enhancing features as well as fixes:

  • Accelerated Aerotriangulation Process – New “Auto (Beta)” mode can run as much as three times faster for AT processing with no drop in success rate or AT quality (please review results for production use before approving Reconstruction Phase).
  • Accelerated Texturing Phase – New texturing algorithm doubles the speed of this stage.
  • Bug Fixes and Improved Stability:
    • Improved global accuracy of output in projects with ground control points.
    • Generated I3S output is now also supported by ESRI ArcPro and ArcServer.
    • Improved model quality when zooming out (resolution pyramid).

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SkylineGlobe Server v7.0.1 September 24th 2017

SkylineGlobe Server (SGS) is a private cloud solution that provides a comprehensive set of web services for publishing, storing, managing and streaming 3D spatial data.

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TerraExplorer for Web v7.0.1 September 24th 2017

TerraExplorer for Web (TE4W) is a lightweight 3D GIS viewer that enables you to view high-resolution, stunningly realistic SkylineGlobe 3D content in a web browser, without any plug-ins. TerraExplorer for Web is included in the SkylineGlobe Server package.

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TerraExplorer v7.0.1 August 24th 2017

This release improves the stability and functionality of the v7.0 release and adds capabilities for raster and feature layers.

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TerrainBuilder v6.6.1 November 05th 2015

TerrainBuilder 6.6.1 features updated external libraries and a sleek new GUI that matches the look of the other products in the SkylineGlobe software suite.

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CityBuilder v6.6.1 November 05th 2015

In addition to a beautiful facelift with a new modern GUI, the new release of CityBuilder features BIM layer integration, terrain objects and raster/3DML layer import, and support for mesh model files created in Skyline’s all-new TerraBuilder PhotoMesh application.

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